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Home > Machine Embroidery Stabilizers > NEW Embroidery Stabilizer Snap Wraps
Home > Embroidery Supplies & Notions > Machine Embroidery Stabilizers > NEW Embroidery Stabilizer Snap Wraps

NEW Embroidery Stabilizer Snap Wraps  - click to enlarge

NEW Embroidery Stabilizer Snap Wraps

Embroidery Stabilizer Snap Wraps are an exciting new product especially designed for embroiderer’s to help them manage and organize their embroidery backing and stabilizers. Great for organizing your wrapping paper too!

With over 50 different embroidery stabilizers available, it is very difficult to identify embroidery backing once the wrapping has been removed from the roll. Another problem is that the backing becomes unmanageable as it unwinds. Placing a rubber band around the tube damages the stabilizer and is hard to get off.

Each Embroidery Stabilizer Snap Wrap comes with 2 labels. 1 is a preprinted label to identify the roll as a CutAway, TearAway, Topping, Adhesive Backed, Fusible or WashAway. The other label is blank.

You may also choice "No Labels Needed", if you prefer to have only the snap wraps.

Each wrap is 11" long. Heavy plastic.
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